Minuetto at the Ridotto

Minuetto at the Ridotto - Dinner & Dance at Palazzo Dandolo, Ridotto Hall - Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal 


Dates: Saturday 8 February, Saturday 22 February

Hours: 8 p.m. - 12 a.m.

Price: it includes: welcome cocktail and dinner placé.

Address: San Marco 1332, Calle Vallaresso

DRESS CODE: period costume

A Dinner in costume in the historic hall of the Ridotto, located in the hotel Monaco&Grand Canal very near St Mark Square. A Dance Master with his partner will lead the group dances throughout the evening and an opera singer will delight the guests between the different dances on the live music of a baroque ensemble. The seated dinner comprehends a four-course menu with wine included. The guests will be welcomed by a cocktail. 


To rent a costume for Carnival in Venice, please order on: office@veneziaopera-tickets.eu

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February 2020

Hotel Monaco

Dandolo Palace, Ridotto Main Hall

The palace of the noble Dandolo was the first place to accomodate the "Ridotto", public gaming rooms from 1638 till 1774. It used to be open during Carnival, which lasted several months, and during that time Giacomo Casanova considered the Ridotto as the stage setting and backdrop for his conquests.

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